Taber Police Service Partnership Agreement

Taber Police Service Partnership Agreement

Lions Gate Risk Management Group and ARC Protection Corp are pleased to announce a partnership with the Taber Police Service.

The Taber Police Service is providing Lions Gate and ARC with a 24-7-365 call center and dispatch service utilizing state-of-the-art police communications equipment. The center is staffed by trained and nationally certified emergency services communication operators.

This private-public partnership services the operational needs of Lions Gate and ARC, offsets policing costs for the Taber Police Service and the Town of Taber and satisfies our shared objective of enhancing public safety and the protection of high value assets.

Lions Gate and ARC would like to thank Chief Graham Abela and the Town of Taber for this partnership opportunity. We believe that this is a clear demonstration of how a private-public partnership can benefit the public and the clients that we serve.

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