About us

About Us

Lions Gate Risk Management Group is a leading-edge security and risk management firm that provides a comprehensive suite of superior investigation, intelligence, security, and protection services.

Our industry leading risk management solutions are inspired and informed by the vision and proven experience of our leaders. Our team consists of law enforcement, military, academic and security industry specialists who have the knowledge, skills, and experience to provide our clients with a superior level of service and expertise.

Our business verticals speak to the breadth of services we provide and our team to a depth of exposure,  experience and qualification, required to assist clients as they contemplate proportional security solutions. Our clients include blue chip, critical infrastructure, energy sector, marine sector, designers and architects, corporations, public services institutions, finance sector, legal sector, government, crown corporations, and first nations communities.

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The Lions Gate team identifies, assesses, and prioritizes your risks to match them with tailored solutions. We ensure your assets are protected and business continuity is prioritized. Our subject matter experts are adept at delivering services that provide the strategic advantage necessary for confident decision making.

Lions Gate also recognizes that security circa 2022 is more complex and convergent, with cyber threats, often surpassing physical threats in both gravity and volume. As security disciplines have become more diverse and specialized, we have adapted. We structure our teams to service clients based on identified client needs and outcomes. We have also developed security partnerships with trusted companies, and law enforcement, who can supplement our team with additional a specialized knowledge, skills, and abilities. We have also developed indigenous partnerships because we want to see the benefits of clients’ projects fully realized within the local and indigenous community.

Lions Gate has been operating since 2008. Initially set up by two former RCMP members, the original focus was on providing professional investigations and surveillance. As the client base grew, so did the demand for additional services. In 2013 Lions Gate Investigations Group changed its name to its current name of Lions Gate Risk Management Group Ltd., to better reflect the wide range of services now offered. Lions Gate continues to be a privately held company focused on providing top quality services to our clients. WE are a subsidiary of the Scarlet Security Group (SSG).

Our head office is located in Vancouver, British Columbia; and we have bases of operation across Canada. We serve clients with local to international footprints and pride ourselves on our commitment to integrity.

Our Mission

To deliver a proactive, uncompromising suite of risk management, protection, and investigation services across Canada.

Our Values



A strong sense of commitment to the mission.



Through demonstrated experience, process, and proven execution we exceed our client's expectations.



Relying on our proven and tested leaders experience and vision to develop and deploy cutting edge risk management solutions.



We are fully accountable for our actions while acting on our client's behalf.

Client Confidentiality

Lions Gate Risk Management’s respected and established reputation with our valued clients and as Canada’s leading security risk management firm has been built on trust, integrity and service excellence. In providing an uncompromising suite of risk management, protection and investigative services to our clients, confidentiality and discretion are of the utmost importance. We, therefore, refrain in all circumstances, as we always have, from releasing or commenting on any information with regards to our clients, their assets, projects and businesses and our mandates with them. This approach allows us to keep doing what we do best.

Our team is uniquely qualified with deep industry knowledge and extensive real world experience, allowing us to be well positioned to provide expert insights and training to keep people, assets and businesses safe.

Our expertise is your peace of mind.

For more information, please contact us at info@lgrmg.ca. For any support and assistance call 1.604.383.0020 or toll-free at 1.800.212.2026 or visit www.lgrmg.ca

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