Privacy Management Programs

Privacy Management Programs

Many organizations think that personal information is limited to only to documents containing their employees or customers personal information. Although this is true, any organization using CCTV cameras to capture video images of an identifiable individual, should be aware that this is also personal information and must be protected. The Canadian Freedom of Information Privacy Protection Act.

(FIPPA) defines “personal information” as recorded information about an identifiable individual, other than contact information.

Lions Gate Risk Management Group recommends that every organization using CCTV have a Privacy Impact Assessment conducted and in cases where the organization has not have one, we highly recommend to have in place appropriate policies and procedures that promote good practices and constitute a compliant privacy management program. The outcome is a demonstrable capacity to comply with applicable privacy laws. Done properly, it should promote trust and confidence on the part of individuals associated with the organization, and thereby enhance competitive and reputational advantages.

A common mistake organizations make is assuming that a video camera system is the best solution to an issue or problem.  If you reach out to a video camera seller or installer you will most likely end up with a camera system.

Lions Gate Risk Management Group can ensure that less intrusive measures have been considered, and if cameras are required, put in place a total Privacy Management Program, for your organization, that meets Canada’s compliance requirements.

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