Volatile Wildfires Require Continuity Planning

Volatile Wildfires Require Continuity Planning

Security and business continuity managers in fire-prone areas are rethinking their continuity plans due to the rising wildfire risk. For continuity planning, wildfires present business and personnel challenges, says Rinske Geerlings, principal consultant at Business As Usual, a business continuity planning and consulting firm based in Sydney, Australia. Personnel challenges can involve health issues related to fires, employees’ physical safety and ability to access the workplace. The business challenges are access to assets, people and a place to work, says Sam Stahl, CBCP (Certified Business Continuity Professional), a business continuity management consultant based in Colorado. Organizations should be practicing how to keep business on track without employees in the office, he says. Continuity planners have had to think more broadly and creatively for solutions. Organizations may need to think about leveraging suppliers and partners in different states or regions. They may even need to consider adding competitors into their business continuity plans, especially organizations without remote work options.

Lions Gate has numerous clients who face wildfire hazards. We cannot overemphasise enough the need to include non criminal hazards in security management programs https://lgrmg.ca/services/security-risk-management/

From “Volatile Wildfires Require More Nimble Continuity Planning” Security Management (02/20) Meyer, Claire

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