Key Ways to Prevent School Attacks

Key Ways to Prevent School Attacks

Federal Report Highlights Key Ways to Prevent School Attacks
From “Federal Report Highlights Key Ways to Prevent School Attacks”
Associated Press (08/11/20) Balsamo, Michael

A new US Justice Department report on school safety urged school officials nationwide to improve mental health resources, monitor student social media activity, and improve physical security measures. The report, written by the department’s School Safety Working Group, laid out 10 essential actions to prevent mass shootings and other attacks in schools across the country. One key recommendation in the report is that school officials compile comprehensive school safety assessments on a yearly basis. Additionally, the report said strong mental health and anti-bullying services can deter at-risk students from carrying out violent attacks. As for physical security, the report lauded the efforts of school resource officers, specially-trained police officers who work in schools, and highlighted several examples of resource officers helping to prevent or stop school shootings. The report’s publication comes as schools are grappling with whether to reopen for in-person classes amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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