Hoteliers should Step Up Security

Hoteliers should Step Up Security

Why Hoteliers May Want to Step Up Their Game on Security Technology
From – Hotel Technology News (08/26/2020) Mogelonsky, Larry

As the pandemic causes an upsurge in unemployed people, it could lead to a rise in misdemeanors and theft, with hotels being a target for such activities. Hotels should emphasize touchless technologies including mobile key cards, online payment platforms, and elevator floor access systems. Other potential solutions to safeguard hotel guests include implementing security theater as a concept, which involves highly visible cameras with red flashing lights to inform passersby they are being monitored. Identification checks can be referenced against a room booking, restaurant registry, or list of event attendees, while electronic safety devices can be used by housekeepers and other frontline staff to more rapidly notify security of intruders who are onsite. Deferring all transactions to purely online pathways can encourage guests to leave their wallets in their room safes or at least keep them out of direct line of sight. Hotels that have not implemented smartphone-based guestroom access systems can consider coding their room keys with a visual marker so that expired sets can be easily identified. Guest messaging apps can be used to communicate with guests in advance of their arrivals to coordinate staffing and ensure that no piece of luggage is left unattended. Biometric scanning technology embedded in cameras can be used to gauge body temperature, spot suspicious body language, or even recognize when bags are left behind.

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