Hospital Workplace Violence Rate Increased

Hospital Workplace Violence Rate Increased

Report: Type 2 Hospital Workplace Violence Rate Increased Last Year Campus Safety Magazine (09/01/2020) Hattersley-Gray, Robin

A new report from the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) Foundation found that Type 2 violence increased at hospitals over the past year. Type 2 violence refers to patient-on-staff and visitor-on-staff incidents. According to the report, 85 percent of hospital workplace violence incidents over the past eight years were Type 2, and the tide continued to swell in 2019. Last year, there were 1.5 Type 2 assaults per 100 employees, up from 1.2 assaults per 100 employees in 2018. Similarly, there were 0.5 Type 2 aggravated assaults per 100 employees in 2019, compared to 0.2 in 2018. The IAHSS Foundation report also found that the 2019 violent crime rate stayed relatively steady from the year before, while the overall assault rate decreased slightly. Hospital theft fell from 7.6 incidents per 100 beds in 2018 to seven incidents per bed in 2019, but motor vehicle theft stayed the same at 0.6 incidents per 100 beds.

LG Comment: It will be interesting to see what effect the COVID-19 Pandemic has on these trends. If you are looking for professional guidance in dealing with workplace violence then give Lions Gate a call on 1-604-383-0020. We are on hand to guide you.

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