Cyber Attack Hobbles Oregon Public Services

Cyber Attack Hobbles Oregon Public Services

A cyberattack has knocked out the phone lines and Internet for Tillamook County, Ore., throwing local government service delivery into disarray, according to local news reports. Lt. Gordon McCraw, emergency management director with the county sheriff’s department, has been tasked with responding to the cyberattack. McCraw said the county has turned back to using pen and paper to communicate and complete tasks. County officials first realized something was wrong when IT staff reported irregular activity across various departments. After the cyberattack was confirmed, all computers were disconnected to begin the quarantine process. While it’s not yet clear whether the attack is ransomware, it closely resembles the many incidents to strike state and local governments over the past year. Tillamook County officials have reportedly not received a ransom demand yet. McCraw said the county has hired a cybersecurity firm to help it get back on its feet in the aftermath of the attack.

From: “Cyberattack Hobbles Oregon County Network, Services” Government Technology (01/24/20) Ropek, Lucas

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