COVID  19 – Important Lions Gate Business Continuity Update

COVID 19 – Important Lions Gate Business Continuity Update

Lions Gate Risk Management Group has been monitoring the COVID-19 situation day by day. We have taken immediate steps to ensure our continued high level of service and response to our clients, and we have the capacity to service new clients when required. The declaration of a public health emergency in BC and the possibility that the Federal Government may require non-essential business to cease operating has prompted us to prepare for additional service requests and we are ready.

We have equipped our staff and operational teams to operate remotely. Communication with our office and our resources will be business as usual. To avoid group meetings, but to maintain close contact with our clients, we have video and teleconferencing platforms available. For risk assessments requiring site visits we will adapt, and adopt technology solutions, which with client cooperation, will allow our Risk Managers remote visual audit capability. We are prepared to adapt and improvise with clients to manage services which require a personal consultation.

Security, protection and risk management are essential services in times like this. Lions Gate will continue to analyze, assess and manage threats and risks that could disrupt business continuity, or negatively affect the health, safety, and reputation of our clients. We are ready to respond to our clients needs.
Depending on the next phase of the virus and government’s response to it, Law Enforcement may alter the types of events that they will respond to based on priorities. This means that your alarm or video alert of intruders is not likely to fit within their current priority structure. You need to plan for an alternative response to your emergencies and how you manage risk in light of the emerging events. You may also need to plan based on your new risk elements that before this, did not exist.

We anticipate that the demand for security services is going to increase exponentially. There is a limit to the number of deployable resources at all security firms and it is likely going to be a ‘first come first served’ situation. The team at Lions Gate is ready should you need us.

Doug Maynard
President & COO
Lions Gate Risk Management Group

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