Coronavirus Turns Up the Heat on Cyber Projects

Coronavirus Turns Up the Heat on Cyber Projects

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed cybersecurity projects up the list of priorities for companies. Though cybersecurity improvements are often relegated to the bottom of the list thanks to budget constraints and scarce resources, the nationwide pivot to remote work has necessitated strong cyberdefenses for companies across the country. Cybersecurity experts said that the pandemic provides the perfect opportunity for hackers to strike, and pointed out that there are multiple areas that companies can focus on to shore up their cybersecurity. Migrating to the cloud and locking down the supply chain are two ways to enhance cybersecurity, while boosting identity and access management services can ensure that only authorized people are permitted to view confidential business information. Meanwhile, companies should expand their corporate networks to ease the transition to remote work for employees, but simultaneously provide cybersecurity training to teach employees to spot phishing campaigns and other cyberattacks.

From “Coronavirus Turns Up the Heat on Cybersecurity Projects” SC Magazine (04/07/20) Robinson, Teri

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