Climate Change Could Pose ‘Catastrophic’ Security Threat

Climate Change Could Pose ‘Catastrophic’ Security Threat

Climate change threatens to create a “catastrophic” security dilemma with global reach, warns a report released Feb. 24 by the nonpartisan Center of Climate and Security. Rising temperatures, drought, and scarce food and water sources will force people from their homes, according to the paper, which also foresees more crime and disease as a result. Moreover, security, military, and intelligence experts who informed the report say the global warming debate will feed political unrest, foster violent extremism, and weaken government infrastructure including border security. Although the risk is greatest in war-ravaged countries in Africa and the Middle East, the report
cautions that industrialized regions are not insulated from the effects. Despite growing concern about global warming, the Trump administration is looking to disengage the United States from a global pact reached in Paris during 2015 that seeks to keep the earth’s temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius.

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From “Climate Change Could Pose ‘Catastrophic’ Security Threat, Experts Warn” Reuters (02/24/20) Lavietes, Matthew

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