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Scot Filer

Scot Filer


Scot completed a thirty-year career in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police prior to launching Lions Gate Risk Management Group in 2008. Scot is a founder member of Lions Gate Risk Management Group.

With the acquisition of Lions Gate Risk Management Group by the Scarlet Security Group and change of ownership, Scot has moved aside from the Lions Gate Risk Management Group Chief Executive Officer position and is now a Strategic Advisor and Senior Consultant to Lions Gate on the Advisory Board.

Scot spent twenty-six of his thirty years in the area of Major Crime Investigations in British Columbia, the last eleven in the highly specialized area of Behavioural Sciences. Scot concluded his policing career at the rank of Staff Sergeant in charge of operations and investigations for the Behavioural Sciences Group.

Scot is an experienced major crime investigator and has led several important investigations and multi-jurisdictional projects. He has received law enforcement certifications in the areas of geographic profiling, threat evaluation and management, tactical human tracking, surveillance, and executive protection. Scot has provided law enforcement services to agencies across Canada, as well in the United States, England, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Belize, and South Africa.

He possesses an extensive resume of experience in criminal cases, including complex, multi-jurisdictional cases involving agencies at the local, provincial, national, and international level. Multi-certified in best practice pre-emptive and investigative techniques, Scot is one of the foremost experts globally in the use of geographic profiling methodologies to analyze crime patterns and offender hunting behaviours. He is an insightful analyst and strategist whose advice has been sought by law enforcement agencies and private sector clients around the world.

Scot’s policing experience is diverse and includes, residential and commercial burglaries, arsons, auto thefts, criminal intelligence, gang related crimes, sex crimes, robberies, homicides, executive protection, interviewing and interrogation, statement analysis, crime linkage analysis, threat evaluation and management and tactical human tracking. He graduated from the Law and Security Administration Program at Niagara College in Welland, Ontario in 1977.


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