Mark Lalonde

Mark Lalonde

Mark Lalonde

Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Mark has extensive strategic and operational experience locally, nationally, and internationally in risk, security, emergency management and human safety. Most recently the Chief Safety and Risk Officer at Simon Fraser University, his professional experience includes Director of International Operations for a large consulting firm, Program Director at the Police Academy, Justice Institute of British Columbia responsible for public policy research and training standards development for non-police professionals involved in regulatory compliance. Mark has worked on risk, human security and state capacity development projects in Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, Arabian Gulf, the Middle East and East Africa. Mark continues to consult with the United Nations on human safety and police capacity development in low-income and post-conflict states.

With a graduate degree in Justice and Public Safety, Mark began his professional career with the Vancouver Police Department. He was awarded a Lifetime Achievement award by the Canadian Security Magazine in the fall edition of 2022.

Give him a call on 1-604-383-0020 and for a more detailed insight visit:
Senior Vice President of Strategic Initiatives


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