Vancouver BC, 2021 – Lions Gate Risk Management Group, a leading security and risk management firm, is warning of the potential risk of cargo theft within supply chain distribution as the festive buying season begins and the global supply chain crisis continues. Limited supply with higher volumes of goods being consumed at this time of year is creating a grey market for goods. The surge in demand during the holiday season is pushing an industry which is already at capacity to its brink. Labour shortages and an increase in demand for goods are clogging the supply chains and leading to massive delays. As goods sit waiting for distribution the risks of theft to cargo increase.

Michael Franklin, Vice President Risk Management and Community Safety states “Cargo thieves face challenges when looking to target goods in a moving supply chain but with items not moving these static targets provide opportunities and a time in place that creates a larger opportunity for thefts.” Supply chain security, particularly transit security, is extremely vulnerable and truck stops, distribution centers, ports and airports with subpar physical security measures will be at risk.

Thieves often steal only part of a supply load from parked vehicles as truckers stop on their way to a distribution center or warehouse. This form of theft is particularly difficult to track as often drivers don’t notice the missing cargo until a stop long after the theft occurs. The value increases for items that are not readily available and where competition to obtain those items is high, leading organized crime groups and cargo thieves to be aware that the return on criminal investment will be higher. As we head into peak season for deliveries, what does this crisis and a black-market hike in value for commodities mean for supply chain professionals? In essence such a situation is about proactive and preventive risk management. The core objective is to have a dynamic strategy with measures in place, based on solid and up to date risk and threat intelligence, thereby potentially reducing negative events requiring the need for post event response, and challenging your resilience. Lions Gate Risk Management Group is well versed in developing strategies with clients to provide this foundation.

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