Introducing the SAFE Design System & Standard – Webinar

Introducing the SAFE Design System & Standard – Webinar

On Thursday , May 27th 2021 at 11am PST learn about the SAFE Design System and Standard and how it is a significant value add to crime reduction through design.

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    This FREE webinar presented by Lions Gate Risk Management is open to all and particularly relevant to those with a stake in planning new or reinforcing existing facilities and developments in both the public and private sector.

    The ideal time to design security into new build projects and developments is at the outline or schematic planning stage. Balanced layered security integration in design reconciles effective proportional security practices and approaches with optimal building functionality. This ensures day to day business delivery and productivity is served safely and securely with minimal imposition. SAFE Design also services existing facilities because they often lack security that is proportional to risk and therefore experience preventable crime and nuisance. Because retrofit security is always more costly, finding the right balance which is appropriate, realistic and cost commensurate, requires a comprehensive program approach.

    The owners of the SAFE Design System and Standard are the non-profit SAFE Design Council. Lions Gate Risk Management Group has been supporting program development since 2017 so join us as we unpack this significant enhancement to Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, with client return on investment benefits.

    Your presenter Mike Franklin has over 20 years experience in designing out crime and working with design professionals to engineer developments and retrofits that remove features that may be criminogenic, and adds features that enhance community safety.

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