How To Implement a Successful Community Safety Assessment Program

How To Implement a Successful Community Safety Assessment Program

Throughout Lions Gate’s years of working with various communities, one of the biggest lessons we’ve learned is that in order for areas to see success in safety outcomes and improvements, strong resolve and sustained commitment are required by all stakeholders. 

Why CSAPs Matter

Lions Gate’s Community Safety Assessment  (CSAP) is designed to assist communities that suffer from higher levels of crime and nuisance activity. Our program can be applied to any community setting, whether it be industrial, retail, commercial, residential, or mixed-use. Our third-party standing is advantageous because we can provide objectivity in our recommendations to address issues, appropriately balancing enforcement strategies with physical and situation-based approaches.

When CSAPs Can Fail

Various case studies of ours prove that CSAPs require continual monitoring and evaluation, allowing communities to move from short-term impacts to sustained solutions. For instance, when working as temporary safety officers for a B.C. homeless shelter encampment, we discovered that while the site had a good transitional plan in place, much of its success was reliant on components that were directly outside of municipality control. This meant that the encampment was unable to pivot and shift as needed, leading to transitional failings. 

What’s Required for the Success of a CSAP

Reclaiming a community requires a coordinated effort. Our CSAP offers strategies and road maps to assist communities in creating successful plans and protection programs. In one such instance, we developed and nurtured successful relationships with First Nations Communities who understood the need for our recommendations to be taken as a whole. 

We’ve seen in many cases that if certain recommendations are trimmed or cut out, there can be a severely detrimental effect on a successful program outcome. Lions Gate has the expertise and knowledge to assist communities in developing plans that they’re able to execute, rather than setting lofty, unattainable goals. From recommendation to implementation, Lions Gate is with you all the way.

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