How to Develop an Effective Organizational Security Structure

How to Develop an Effective Organizational Security Structure

Workforce optimization and security optimization are two different but closely related concepts, which can impact each other significantly.

Workforce optimization is the process of maximizing the efficiency and productivity of an organization’s workforce while minimizing costs. This includes tasks such as scheduling, training, and performance management.

Security optimization, on the other hand, involves implementing measures to protect an organization’s physical and digital assets, including data, equipment, and personnel.

As a Security Risk Management Professional who has over 40 years of operational security experience, I often find that organizations:

In so doing they risk creating, uncoordinated and incommunicative silos, and the establishment of multiple disjointed agendas, a poor foundation for joined up security integrity. The reality is all of the above are intertwined and effective security workplace optimization recognizes this.

How Organizational Structure Applies to Security Operations

The 3 ASIS International Organizational Security Models

In our experience we find that most organizations do not have a fully integrated security team. Successful security operations require attention to organizational structure. Below are a variety of models for successful workplace security delivery.

Vertical, Shamrock and Network – The shape of that organizational structure will be dependent on the user, available budget, facility size and type, and staffing capacity. There are three recognized models and the aforementioned factors, will determine how these would be combined for optimal impact. The ASIS International Vertical, Shamrock and Network models and their merits are discussed briefly below.

In summary, when fully implemented, security workplace optimization:

Learn the 6 Key Steps to Increasing Security Productivity and Minimizing Costs

There is no one size fits all, so give us a call 888-212-2026 ask for Mike Franklin and we can discuss optimization that would work most efficiently for you and within your budget.

This article has been assembled in consultation with an experienced workplace optimization specialist. The fact that this specialist is my son Reece Franklin is a source of considerable pride for me. He is a Six Sigma Black Belt fully conversant with Lean Tools and Processes and credibly converges the security and optimization disciplines addressed in this article.

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