Event Security Operational Planning Overview

Event Security Operational Planning Overview

The Lions Gate Risk Management Group has industry leading security professionals that have planned some of the largest security events in Canadian History.   The Lions Gate Risk Management Group assesses the nature of a proposed event and determine the need to incorporate special contingency plans in response to potentially dangerous situations that will interfere with your event. The pre-planning phase of event management is about gathering information and intelligence on the event and the venue. During pre-planning, we conduct a proper risk, vulnerability and threat analysis, remembering that each event is unique and requires its own assessment.

Lions Gate Risk Management undertake the following steps:

Once we have a clear picture of risk and threat, we then utilize our experts to develop the Operational Plan. This involves Intelligence led planning to mitigate physical human threats or natural risks associated to the actual event. Operational Plans are developed to provide a “road map” for trained security personnel to follow and provide for consideration of contingencies. We then liaise with jurisdictional police agencies to inform them of potential risks, site vulnerabilities, and the operational plans put in place to mitigate the risks.

Our Team pictured at the Ultimate Fighting Championship event, Rogers Arena, Vancouver

Prior to the event Lions Gate Risk Management Group arranges a briefing session for all staff working on the event. This will cover introductions so that everyone is aware of lines of command and responsibility, health and safety, communications and all procedures, practices and regulations that dictate the conduct of staff whilst working on the event. It’s a good idea to provide a ‘Staff Briefing Document’ to be distributed before or at this briefing session so event workers can refer to it as required.

Good communication is crucial during all of the planning stages. Lions Gate Risk Management Group ensures that all stakeholders are effectively communicating with each other throughout the event planning process.

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