CSAPs: What We Can Learn from Our International Counterparts

CSAPs: What We Can Learn from Our International Counterparts

Lions Gate has seen pioneering approaches in battling street crime, turning around communities with extensive, collaborative engagement.

Learning from the UK and North-West Europe

In several instances, Lions Gate has seen success in combating street crime overseas when a proactive approach is taken, targeting the root cause of the issue. Our research into a number of major projects demonstrated that the most effective approach globally combines looking at three target areas:

  1. Physical approaches to the problem, such as architecture, design, urban planning, and situational measures 
  2. Social approaches, such as focusing on victims, offenders, guardians, city management, and maintenance
  3. Organizational approaches, focusing on structuring the partnership process with measurable implementation

The Costly Consequences of a Social Band-Aid Mentality

Using the above guidelines, Lions Gate worked with a B.C. city to identify built environment features that were offering both opportunities for crime and fear of crime. In our research and review, we found it to be clear that approaches to addressing crime and nuisance were introduced too late and were symptomatic in nature. Because parties weren’t working together, all areas were not being targeted for solution. Such an example is design mistakes that continue to be made with weather protection canopies being built outside stores, providing shelter for the homeless and only incentivising crime and drug use. 

When a Multi-Agency Partnership Works

When extensive community engagement occurs, sink estates are able to be turned around. In one such instance, we took a physical and social approach to a problem. With a city on the verge of riots, we worked closely with local authorities to use decorative wrought iron fencing to create spaces where a collection of residents could exercise some control, effectively eliminating any potential conflict. 

To see success in CSAPs, it’s critical to include all members of the community in any consultation. When authorities, municipalities, businesses, and city planners come together, that’s when successful and lasting impact can take place. 

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