COVID Safety Plan

COVID Safety Plan


ORDER OF THE PROVINCIAL HEALTH OFFICER (Pursuant to Sections, 30, 31, 32 and 39 (3) Public Health Act, S.B.C. 2008) Workplace COVID-19 Safety Plans – March 17, 2020

ORDER OF THE PROVINCIAL HEALTH OFFICER (Pursuant to Sections 30, 31, 32 and 39 (3) Public Health Act, S.B.C. 2008) WORKPLACE SAFETY – December 16, 2020

Worker Health Checks: Public Health Order


Update 12th January 2021 – Lions Gate is currently operating in accordance with Phase One requirements of the BC Government. Office based services outside of security operations management are able to be undertaken remotely and all personnel in this category now work from home. Security Operations in the field are by definition staffed with essential workers protecting public safety.

Definition: Essential services are those daily services essential to preserving life, health, public safety, and basic societal functioning. They are the services British Columbians come to rely on in their daily lives. This list was developed by Emergency Management BC in consultation with other government ministries and the Provincial Health Officer (PHO). Essential services should and are encouraged to remain open.

Essential Status: Under Law enforcement, public safety, first responders and emergency response personnel, Lions Gate does operate as an essential service providing services for public safety under the category of corrections and detainment facilities; security and protective services and court services.

Non-Essential Status: The office space is now closed and all nonessential staff including management are fulfilling tasks and managing business for their home locations. This includes the operations manager who has a supervisory responsibility for front line ‘essential service’ staff. The Phase One Limited Return to Work Plan assembled on 15th May 2020 is superseded by the current Phase One Requirements and the protection guidelines put in place at that time have been adjusted as indicated.

Covid-19 First Level Protection

Because we have identified job tasks and processes where workers are close to one another or members of the public at other locations and in worker vehicles we have introduced specific measures to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 by:

Covid-19 Second level protection


In our office location, status is currently closed ‘nonessential’; former measures under Phase One Return to Work, which would be reinstituted during a return to Phase Two include:

Specific requirements around:

Covid-19 Third Level Protection


Essential Front Line:

These procedures are ‘protected and confidential’ and are therefore not posted publicly to the Lions Gate website. Any information requests of disclosure for inspection would need to be through the Lions Gate President Doug Maynard – 1-604-383-0020 or

Office ‘Non-Essential”

Visitors – Visitors in the office should be discouraged in Phase I with only the rare exceptions being admitted into the office.

Deliveries – Deliveries will be allowed to come inside the front door via intercom. All deliveries will be placed on the middle landing of the stairs on a table situated there. These can be supervised by the person receiving from the landing above. If a signature is required, the delivery person can leave the document on the table and the person receiving can do so while maintaining proper distancing and using their own pen.

Hallway Movement – Hallway movement should be restricted as much as possible. While moving in the hallway, if you encounter another person, kindly step aside to let them pass so as to maintain proper distancing or simply wait until the hallway is clear.

Common Spaces – This includes the lunchroom, printer room, lower lounge, and boardroom. The lunchroom and printer room are restricted to one-person occupancy only. This is due to the size of these rooms. The boardroom is restricted to a maximum of four persons taking care to sit six feet or two meters apart. Signs will be posted.

Meetings – Staff meetings and any other required meetings will continue to be held virtually on TEAMS.

Office cleaning – The office will be disinfected every Tuesday and Thursday by the respective staff working those days. The list of common touch points needing to be wiped down is on the table near reception. The company will provide gloves and masks as required.

Position and Role specifics – The specific details of personnel and their working patterns drawn up to minimize the risk of COVID Transmission have been removed from this public document posted to the Lions Gate Website. The senior Management Team will balance their week with each other to have some representation throughout the week. Phase II is under consideration and will be implemented when conditions indicate the need.

Covid-19 Fourth level protection

Covid-19 Cleaning practices

Covid-19 Develop policies

Covid -19 Develop communication plans & training

Covid-19 Monitor workplace and update plans as necessary

Covid-19 Personal Information

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