Core Areas for Focus for Energy Sector Security

Core Areas for Focus for Energy Sector Security

Lions Gate Risk Management Group specializes in providing security services to the Energy Sector and Critical Infrastructure. This short article headlines nine of the key areas that should be of concern to you as an operator in that sector. They combine to form a security nexus, all interdependent and complementary, not for cherry picking which would denigrate performance outcome.

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The Integrity of Energy Infrastructures

The integrity of energy infrastructures and their reliable operation remain key factors in ensuring the supply in energy, vital for the well-being of citizens and the economy. Security integrity becomes a critical facet through the fractious times which are the transition to cleaner energy.

More Aggressive Protest and Activism

Protest and activism is less passive, more aggressive, coordinated, and sophisticated, and will be more present at energy events and at energy facilities. Assessing the scale of protest, activism, and gravity of threat, requires skilled open-and closed source analysis, and real time monitoring. There are inherent dangers of social media monitoring from the side of the desk. High quality analyzed intelligence products are game changers for strategic decision making.

Growth in Frequency and Severity of Cyber-Attacks

Geopolitical instability has exacerbated the growth in frequency and severity of cyber-attacks, including the targeting of energy critical infrastructure. There is a critical need for public and private partners to align, and enable their business, and digitally, by embedding cyber resilience in the business culture and operations and taking a systemic approach to risk management.

Brand and Reputation Protection

Community engagement and consultation is critical from project initiation to operation, for new build and redesign projects. Community voices will vary in timbre and content and industry does well to listen to the gravity of all voices. The success of energy projects relies upon transparency and clear concise communications. Brand protection and reputation.

Energy Security Risk Pitfalls

Energy security risk pitfalls. The compounding impact of multiple risks – over reliance on probabilistic modelling – silo security operations – budget driven security approaches and measures – ignoring voices by rank – risk management tokenism – compliance thresholds adopted rather than security performance ceilings.

Scenario Based Planning and Incident Management

Planning to manage security events, incidents, and emergencies, needs to be ‘likely scenario’ based and well informed. Again, intelligence led and risk proportional. What do I need to have in place to deter, detect, delay, and deny offending and then respond effectively?

No ‘Jack of all Trades’ Security Professional

Finding security integrity in a convergent age is complex and sophisticated and will require the engagement of a team of specialists. There is no ‘jack of all trades’ security professional, and you are unlikely to justify budget and assemble such a team in house.

The Glue that is the Five “P’s”

The glue that binds our security protection is the instruction manuals, the five “P’s”: policies, protocols, procedures, processes, and programs. Regulatory compliance needs to be ingrained in governance and will have to be surpassed to achieve security performance return on investment. Legislative compliance is often miscalculated and litigation exposure results.

Lions Gate’s Energy Sector Specific Security Management Program

In the case of Energy Infrastructure, the goal of security is to take prevention, mitigation, and responsive measures in order to ensure the integrity of the assets, the reliable supply of energy, the health of the workers, the health of the public, and respect for the environment. This is achieved with the Lions Gate Energy Sector specific Security Management Program. Drawing on a methodology originally developed in Europe, this dynamic program of four phases, addresses, strategy and planning, risk assessment, security design, and implementation and review. It is rightly comprehensive and sometimes complex as befits threat consequences in the target sector. It is ready made and client adaptable and includes front to back management procedures and guidance. It addresses all regulatory and legislative compliance and is also designed to deliver a security performance that speaks to a return on security investment.

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